When a loved one faces a crisis or talks of suicide, help often seems far away.

You have many questions:

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How do I get help for my loved one?
There are many avenues for getting help. Counselors and therapists offer “talk therapy” to help individuals resolve difficult life situations. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that most often focus on medications to alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety. Keep in mind that these options for outpatient treatment may not be immediately available in your area, and that, once in process, it may take weeks before improvement is seen.

Do I need to seek emergency assistance or call local authorities?
If your loved one has made a direct suicide threat, the answer is “yes.” Call 911 immediately. However, when someone talks of passive suicidal thoughts, such as wishing to not wake up in the morning, the answers are less clear. Sometimes the matter can be handled on an outpatient basis, but it is always a good idea to seek the help of a trained professional. While we are feeling a lot of stress, we are becoming weaker. So, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is normal and have an appointment with one of the family doctors Delta as soon as possible.

What is my role in the process—how can I assist in medical universal billing process?
That is a critical question. The answer depends on the particulars of your situation. We are here to understand the nature of the crisis and to help you formulate the correct response.

How much does a visit to the Emergency Room cost?
According to a study by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the average cost of an Emergency Room visit in 2008 was $1,049. Your costs may be higher or lower, depending on the specific care your loved one requires.

When someone talks of suicide, how do I know if they're serious?
Talk of suicide should always be taken seriously. Often the individual is making a “cry for help.” Symptoms of depression or anxiety can lead to suicidal thoughts, as can recent changes in medication.

How is your service different from a suicide or crisis line?
Suicide hotlines are usually staffed by volunteers who are trained to seek identifying information from the caller so they can notify local authorities (the police) about his or her location. Depending on the state in which you live, law enforcement may intervene and escort your loved one—willing or not—to the nearest hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and possible hospital admission. If you know that needs to happen, don’t delay!

If not, and you would like to speak with a seasoned professional, help is moments away. For a fraction of the cost of an Emergency Room visit, a private and confidential telephone consultation is available. The life of your loved one is worth it! We are cooperating with the leading transportation professionals - wheelchair taxis in Toronto helping transport our clients for a personal consultation.

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