How to protect yourself from sexual harassment at work

Any sexual harassment at workplace, regardless whether male or female is a victim is considered a gender based discrimination by International Labor Organization. As a rule, superiors tend to use two methods of impact: the threat and the persuasion. In the first case, it may be the threat of dismissal, cutting down a salary or deprivation form bonuses and other social benefits in case of disobedience. In the second, on the contrary - the promises to help in work or promote a carrier, that is, in fact, the same threat, but expressed in a milder form, as the chief makes it clear that not the most promising prospects are waiting for you in a case of your refusal. If you have noticed such strange changes in your boss behavior, you should act immediately. Contact us here to get expert advice on how protect yourself from sexual assault. Our experts cooperate with leading Toronto sexual assault lawyers and are always ready to consult you and give answers to all your questions by phone.

What you should do to avoid becoming a victim of sexual harassment

If you are hired on the position of increased danger (secretary, shop assistant, nurse, etc.), then be vigilant and conclude an employment contract, clearly stating your office / professional duties. Having started your work, behave as a competent and professional employee, do not flirt with male colleagues, do not say or listen to compliments and sexually colored hints. This behavior may be considered as an invitation for sex by colleagues and superiors. Flirting with colleagues at work is very risky.

But the other type of behavior is also dangerous. When you behave in a manner peculiar to men - using obscene phrases and going with the boys to drink some beer or have fun. In this case you also run the risk of being misunderstood. Of course, nobody has the right to dictate you how to behave and what to put on (unless you are required to wear uniforms), but you have to understand that business style is more appropriate for work than glamorous.

Rene Cruz with the assistance from Mass Tsang LLP - sexual assault lawyer Toronto about how to protect yourself from undesired situations.

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